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About us

SubC Solutions AS was established in March 2007 and is staffed by experienced and creative multidiscipline proficient personnel.

We are located in Bergen, Trondheim and Drammen.

SubC Solutions is a provider of technical solutions, product development, manufacturing, engineering and test services covering several application areas.

In addition to development and qualification of new solutions and products, SubC Solutions perform all kind of studies and consultancy work for customers, research projects and others.

Historically our business has been focused on subsea technology, but we have recently entered the renewable energy market and have future growth ambitions in the green energy market. SubC Solutions embraces and understands the need to reduce our environmental impact. In the long run, the use of fossil fuels will diminish, but it will take some time before the goal is achieved. We are aware of the irony that we are a supplier to the oil and gas market, but we endeavor to seek solutions to reduce our overall environmental footprint.

Our electrical valve actuator development may replace hydraulic operated actuators used subsea today and is a first step towards all electric solutions. In addition, we strive to use environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle. Our new building utilizes solar panels which ensure that our Ågotnes workshop is self-supplied with energy.

SubC Solutions endeavors to meet or exceed our client requirements and we often achieve this by combining innovation with field proven concepts and technology to solve our customers challenges.

SubC Solutions motto is based on a proverb:

“Speed will get you nowhere if you are headed in the wrong direction”.

So, let us find the best Solution together!

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